Europe House Vukovar

Mission and Aims

The mission of the Europe House Vukovar (EHVU) is to initiate and support socio-economic development of the Vukovar-Syrmium county in order to consolidate peace and improve the welfare of its citizens, as well as to foster an equal and effective cooperation of Croatia with other member states of the EU.

The strategic aim of EHVU is accomplished through the implementation of the following main goals:

  1. The renewal and revitalization of Vukovar’s fragmented post-war community, the promotion of understanding, the building of mutual trust and the development of a spirit of tolerance among the citizens belonging to different ethnic, religious and political groups,
  2. The encouragement to self-education and self-development,
  3. The improvement of mental and physical health and raising of the tolerance limit in stressful situations,
  4. Strengthening of specific groups in the population (youth, women, individuals with disabilities, national minorities, seniors)
  5. Non-formal education of youth, as well as organization of their creative activities and
  6. Protection of the environment.

Activities of EHVU

These goals are accomplished through the implementation of various activities like:

  1. Learning and training in overcoming the traumas of war and the promotion of health, in particular the strengthening of confidence (through workshops based on principles proclaimed by the WHO),
  2. Informing citizens about current developments in science, culture and politics, in order to update their worldview and to overcome existing stereotypes through lectures at the forum of EHVU, thematic conferences, round tables and distribution of information and educational materials of the EU,
  3. Creating opportunities for contacts between citizens in order to facilitate overcoming prejudice and distance (includes cooperation with religious communities, meetings of citizens within the promotional work of EHVU and cooperation with foreign institutions),
  4. Youth work (non-formal education)
  5. The incitement of initiatives that can contribute to the revitalization of  economy in the region and link relevant stakeholders of Vukovar with foreign markets.